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Business Monitoring Solution

T.I.M.E – TimePay Intelligent Monitoring Engine is an intelligence driven monitoring platform that allows customers to control all the possible layers in technology architecture including - Infrastructure, Networks, Applications, and Third party integrated platforms.
Auto monitor the entire solution
Alert mechanism to control downtime
Post facto real time risk management
Intelligence driven log analysis
T.I.M.E ( TimePay Intelligent Monitoring Engine ) enables with increased efficiency by providing higher uptime, reduce business risk and improve customer satisfaction. A much higher ROI to any business through a much-needed solution as per current industry requirement.

Need of Market

Manage large scale and complicated deployments including Micro-service.
Integrated view of multiple components - Applications, Servers, Networks, Connectivity and APIs
Real time Root Cause Analysis over logs, DB entries, connectivity, procedures, or variation in business rules
Intelligent search engine


Monitoring multiple components

A single solution for monitoring all components to troubleshoot the issue across Infrastructure, Network, software modules, third party integrations.

Statistical data

It is designed to fetch and showcase statistical data from RDBMS/NoSQL instances to show statistics for management decisions around operational challenge, business risk and action plans.

Centralized log access and search

Centralized log repository with capability to comb the required data in single search irrespective of various modules in ecosystem.

System generated Alarms

TIME allows you to configure threshold and set alarm around required parameters and create risk based alerts. These alarms can be configured around logs or other metrics collected by the engine.

Infographic dashboards

It helps Management to get real time data for decision making and system controls. Multiple dashboards in the system empowers engineers to quickly identify and fix the problems.


TIME is domain agnostic. It supports architecture around industry requirements including Banking, Fintech, Retail, Manufacturing, Processing engines,e-commerce and Transport and so on.

Enterprise license


On-premise / Cloud based access

Technical Support

Helpdesk team.

Admin Support

Configuring system requirements and changes

Premium services

Cover DevOps team for managing your infrastructure.


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